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Why Choose Labstar?

Easy to Use


why1Clean & Modern Design

LabStar’s user-friendly design is a pleasure to use and intuitive even for beginners.

Outstanding Customer Support

Call during business hours, send emails at all hours, or visit the 24/7 LabStar Help Center.

why2Up & Running in 3-4 Hours

We provide training and help to get everyone in your lab started within a few hours of using LabStar.

why5Automatic Free Upgrades

Just turn on your computer and you always have the newest LabStar features.

why3Designed By Lab Owners

We love user feedback and the best ideas are added to LabStar to benefit all users.

why6Multiple Languages

LabStar is available in multiple languages and we can add more as needed.

Work Anywhere


anywhere4Access From any Device

Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone… as long as it’s connected to the internet you can access your information from anywhere.

anywhere3Automatic Secure Backups

We quadruple backup all your data multiple times each day on the Amazon EC2 network—the most robust and highest rated cloud network.

anywhere1HIPAA Compliant

LabStar’s encryption complies with HIPAA data protection rules.

anywhere2Download Your Data Anytime

All of your data—prescriptions, photos, STL files and more—is securely stored in the cloud and you can download at any time.

Transform Client Relationships


new2Indispensable Communication

Connect and share on the cloud to build client trust:  photos, files, messages, case discussion, case status, etc.—accessible 24/7.

new6Increase Positive Interactions with the Secure Client Portal

Give your clients all-hours access to case status, lab slips, invoices & statements and even let them pay online by credit card.

new5Paperless Billing

Give your clients the convenience of paperless billing.

new3Digital File Transfers

Easily transfer any type and size of file between your lab and clients or with outsource manufacturing partners.

new4Manage Client Expectations

No more surprises: collect precise case requirements from your doctors and let them know exactly what to expect.

new1Provide Exactly What Your Client Needs

LabStar allows you to expand your product list by seamlessly working with outsource manufacturing partners.